Custom brand illustrations
with predefined styles & up-front cost.

We’re proud to mention that we made illustrations for some of the worlds best companies.


time-saving process

Instant Estimate

We made it easy and transparent for you to find out your project cost instantly, before you contact us.

Saves time & money

Our premade styles and their variations help you quickly decide on a direction that we can later alter and scale.

Custom made

Completely bespoke illustrations made by the order. You tell us what to draw and we make it happen.

Full license

We transfer exclusive rights so you can do whatever you want with the illustrations, even resell them.

Examples and Pricing

Instant estimates &
premade style examples.

All displayed prices are per one illustration and in USD - VAT included. Minimum project budget is $500.
Project turnaround time depends on the scope, we strive to deliver first results within 24h from the project start.
Presented styles are examples which can be modified in any other way.

  • Complexity:

    $25 $25 $25 $20 $20
  • Complexity:
    Detailed icon

    $50 $45 $40 $35 $30
  • Complexity:
    Micro Image

    $100 $90 $80 $70 $60
  • Complexity:

    $150 $135 $120 $105 $90
  • Complexity:
    Simple Scene

    $300 $270 $240 $210 $180
  • Complexity:
    Complex Scene

    $400 - $500 $360 - $450 $320 - $400 $280 - $350 $240 - $300

Get tailored price estimates based on the quantity of illustrations and/or icons you need

Explore all our premade
style examples
Vitamin Time
Nine to Five
The Fixers
Device Dudes
Screen Time
Web World
Tuti Fruti

New styles are added frequently.
For all updates follow us on dribbble and instagram.

Our Work

Explore our selected
client projects.

Some of the spot illustrations used in the internal employee manual done for the TextNow - a free phone and text service provider.

A set of 12 fun web-related vector characters offered for Free download at Themes Kingdom.

Illustrations of a dogs having fun at the beach for pet pee pads company

Various brand illustrations used mostly for depicting the solutions offered on the new MakerOps Inc website.

Hero and spot illustrations for the new redesign of the Deadline Funnel brand and their marketing website.

A library of images based on relevant and universal themes and categories specifically created for use on sites.

Illustrations created for Themes Kingdom, a WordPress theme development company. The illustrations are used for their guides images as well as on social media and blog.

Illustrations created for BlogIn, a platform for creating and running internal company blogs. The illustrations are used on the BlogIn website, blog as well as in social media ads.

Informative set of website illustrations made for the Tech Torch service.

Illustrations for Odaptos, the innovative company that uses AI to improve usability testing

About Qillo.

Your new illustration

We’re a team of two illustrators/designers dedicated to provide our clients with fast and easy access to hi-quality vector (or raster) illustration for a fraction of the cost than in a traditional agency. We cut the agent/ management fees and negotiation time with our simple up-front pricing approach which gives clients fast and transparent insight into the needed budget. Our premade styles and their variations serve as quick navigators for art direction, and can be applied and extended to any project scale.

How it works.

Here’s the entire process.
Illustrated, of course.



Get an instant price and time frame quote for your project using our predefined examples. If you have something different in mind than the examples there, feel free to contact us and we’ll give you a custom estimate for your project. Note: Minimum project budget is $500 usd.


Project details

If your budget is aligned with our pricing examples and you decide you want to work with us on a project, please start by sending us an email with the following info:
  • Scope of work
  • Project brief
  • Project deadline


Our availability

After sending us an email inquiry, we get back to you (within 24h) with a final budget estimate, our availability and any additional questions we might have related to the project. Usually we’re ready to start working within just a few work days from your request.


Advance payment

If you sign off on the project start date, we send you the advance invoice for 50% of the total amount. Once the payment clears we create a project on Trello and invite you there. This is where all the project related communication takes place.


Project kickoff

If everything is clear on both ends and there aren't any edits to the project brief and scope, we start to work on the initial sketches (sometimes with small requests we go straight into detailed illustration).



We send first results within the first 48h for your review. We provide 2 revisions per illustration that are included in the original estimate. Additional changes are possible and are charged separately.


Project finish

Once we finish the project and you're happy with the outcome, we send the second invoice for the remaining 50% of the estimated budget. When this clears we send the vector files in Ai, Pdf, Svg and transfer all exclusive licensing rights to you.

A few questions,

It really depends on the desired style of the illustration and it’s complexity level, but we strive to send the first results within one work day after receiving the advance payment.

Yes. After completing the project you receive a full usage licence so you can do whatever you want with your illustrations, even resell them.

Yes - our project minimum is $500.
For pricing orientation please view the chart in the Examples and Pricing.

All presented prices are rough estimates based on the time it takes us to create a certain visual. Our work hour is priced at $50 usd. For example, if you see an illustration scene with an estimate of $300, that means we’re likely to spend about 6 hours on creating that scene.

The prices are there for orientation purposes and are subject to change depending on the project scope and the desired illustration style and complexity.

Ai, Svg, Pdf, even Cdr if you need it. :)

No contacts, no obligations.

We usually don’t work under contracts and NDA’s that specify absolute privacy, simply because we prefer to show our work to the world.
If you however want to reach out about such an opportunity, please go ahead and contact us. Please have in mind we add a x2 multiplier to our rates in those situations.

Sure, in this case we would immediately pull down the style you have picked from our website so it won't be used as a premade style reference, as well as sign off all necessary usage rights to ensure you have complete exclusivity over the style and all illustrations based on it. If this sounds good or you might have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.

You get 2 revision rounds included in the price. If in any case you might want additional changes, we’re always happy to make them for a rate tailored to your specifications.

It’s pretty straight forward. You can read about the process of working with us here.

We currently accept direct wire payments and/or Paypal, whichever you prefer.

We do occasionally work on short animations with a few of our collaborators. If you have an animation project, or your want to add a bit of life into some of the illustrations you need, feel free to contact us to see how we an help you.

At the moment we don’t openly offer such services, but we do have collaborators that can transform all our ideas and designs into super neat 3d images. If you have an interesting project in the making, we’d love to hear more.

Qillo is a service made and run by the illustrator/designer duo - Marko Purac and Ivan Mesaros.
Both veterans in the industry with more than 15 years of experience in working with clients, as well as on their own individual projects and ventures.

Probably, just send us an email via our contact form and tell us more about your project. Please don’t forget to send us links to the examples you like so we can tell you right away if the style you’re looking for is doable by us.

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Note: We’ll get back to you within 24h of your email. Thanks!